Five Signs You Need Brake Replacement [infographic]

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Sooner or later, you’ll need to replace your brakes to maintain your vehicle’s safety and protect other drivers and pedestrians. However, it isn’t always obvious to the average driver when brake replacement is needed.

Five Signs You Need Brake Replacement [infographic]

Here are five signs that you need brake replacement:

  1. Strange Noises – High-pitched grinding or squealing noises coming from your brakes indicate that you need to replace your brake pads soon. The noise results from the metal wear indicator touching the metal rotor, which is meant to alert you to your need for brake replacement.
  2. Delayed Stops – If your brakes are not as responsive as usual, you should consider brake replacement soon. These delayed stops or low responsiveness can be caused by air in the brake line, low brake fluid, and other issues.
  3. Visible Thinning – Brake pads show their wear and let you know when the time is drawing near to replace them. If you look at your brake pads and they are visibly thinner than before, this is a good sign you should schedule brake replacement.
  4. Spongy Pedal – Brake pedals may feel spongy or mushy if the brake fluid is low or there is a leak. You may want to check under your vehicle for a puddle of brake fluid. If the fluid doesn’t seem to be an issue, the brake booster or master cylinder may be the problem.
  5. Vibration When Braking – Applying the brakes and then feeling the vehicle vibrate is a clear sign that you should look into brake replacement. There is likely something wrong with the rotors. They may be out of balance or warped, so bring your car into the shop.

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